A New Autumn Cast On

I’ve been completely caught up in the autumnal feeling at the moment. I love this time of year it really speaks to me as a red head. All of the colours are changing and the world is brown, reds and oranges.

I’ve taken this opportunity to indulge in some autumn design work and greasy from the inspirational chaos that was my weekend at Yarndale I’ve gathered by thoughts and I’m ready to start!

I thought I would just give you a quick peek at some of the incredible colours I’m going to be using. All BFL and all hand dyed in a UK based floating dye studio (I know right!… how and where do you find the space to dye as well as live! Amazing!), these autumnal masterpieces really hit me and wanted to work together.

As you can see form the pictures the colours work so beautifully together I’m hoping this is just going to be one of those projects that clicking onto place!

Have a great weekend everyone and happy knitting

Nu x

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WIP Wednesday – Father Cables

As part of today’s WIP Wednesday I thought I would introduce you to my latest project…

So I’ve been carrying around a white alpaca pom-pom and a hank of ‘The Fibre Company’ Cumbria DK for over a month now waiting to turn them into a Father Cables hat by YOTH. I’ve been toying with the idea of coming up with a way of knitting a top down version as I want a deeper brim and as little waste as possible. Instead though I’ve opted for a preliminary cast on and I’ll go back after finishing the chart and knit as big a brim as I can and use up what’s left (hence the interesting stripe of bright green along the bottom of the hat)

I’m not sure if this is going to work but there’s only one way to find out!

The Yarn:

The Fibre Co – Cumbria DK – A blend of masham, merino and mohair… It’s turning out beautifully. I have recently been trying to experiment more with different types of fleece and yarns so that I can further my knowledge and develop a better understanding of what’s available. I’m really enjoying this voyage of discovery and it’s opened my eyes to a lot of sheep breeds that I wouldn’t have been aware of.

The Pattern:

As I used a different cast on method that I’ve going back to later it seemed like a lot of stitches but the cables really do start to pull everything together quite quickly. This pattern is available for free on the YOTH website. I was drawn to it because I really like the open cablework in the middle and the lack of repeated cables and generic braids. There is noting nicer to sit and knit on a cool autumn day than a few cables!

Although it’s the random movement of the cables that first drew me to this pattern I’m finding it a more involving knit than most of the hats I’ve knitted. This isn’t a bad thing as it keeps you involved in the pattern but it’s not knit night knitting as you do need to follow the charts and mark out clearly where you are.

As with a lot of repeating patterns I am finding that stitch markers in this case are essential to keep track of my progress…. Especially when knitting and TV watching!

Techniques Used:

Cabling without a needle:

Crochet cast on over your needle


Yarn – The Fibre Co, Cumbria DK purchased from A Yarn Story in Bath

Needles – Interchangeable LYKKE needles

Stitch markers – Bulb pin stitch markers in a variety of different colours available from Riverknits

Pattern – YOTH Father Cables available from their website

Pom Pom – Super soft white fluffy alpaca Pom Pom (not yet pictured) also purchased from A Yarn Story

I very much doubt this will be a finished object this week as I’m about to start switching for another project but you never know!

Hope your WIP’s aren’t getting you down,

Happy knitting

Nu x

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Pattern Development – Inspiration and Where We Find It

When it comes to pattern designing there are so many ways inspiration can come to us… I love Instagram for this, Especially when it comes to watching designers like Caitlin Hunter @boylandknitworks, her jumper designs are wonderful and watching her progress through various photographs is magic.

I would love to say that I have a really deep and meaningful process behind my designs but mostly they all stem from something that I would like to knit… It starts with a basic idea and then grows from there, mostly thought various cast on attempts and unless it’s something specific it rarely involves switching first…. ops!

My green leaf cowl is no different – It started as a free form pattern shortly after I had learnt to knit in the round. I came up with a pattern that I loved knitting but for some reason I didn’t write things down in full… I remember it being a really fun knit and in need of some refinement but I always intended to get it written and published. Each time I knit it I made up different variations!

Fast forward 5 years and I am exploring this pattern again. I just couldn’t get my head round this one… I really couldn’t. I wrote it up again and again trying to make the pattern fit… Trying to get it to stick…. The leaf sizes wouldn’t fit and the charts were all wrong.

I bought some very beautiful yarn from The Kettle Yarn Co and I couldn’t be more impressed with the yarn or their customer service, but I digress. 200g of beautiful yarn and an idea… I was hoping to have some time to knit and put this together on a holiday with my in laws but I didn’t manage to find the quiet time.

It came to the point where I was going to either have to stick with it and give it one last try or give up… I was not about to give up! So a very large grid later and a random collection of stitches and a lot of cutting and pasting things finally started to come together. The final process ended up being both more complicated and much simpler than I thought it would be… The pattern was easily refined after a couple of swatches but I ended up adding a more advanced stitches than intended. Overall though I’ve kept it as true as I can to the original design (which I still have and wear regularly) but with a couple of additional refining touches.

I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern as much as I do and get many happy years from it. This pattern will launch soon and I will call for testers even sooner than that! There will be an announcement on the blog and Instagram when I need testers.

Thank you for reading can’t wait to share the pattern with you all soon.

Love Nu


P.S – If you would like to be notified of the cowls release then please pop an email over to me in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and I’ll add you to the release list. There may even be a wee money off code!

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Yarndale… Pre-Show Wish List

1 Week To Go

To say that I’m excited is an understatement… I’m starting to plan and put together a list of projects that I would like to buy yarn for as well as notions that I need/want! Next year is going to be full on new baby and I’m really looking forward to it but I would love to have some yarn and projects lined up so that I can treat myself in those fleeting moments of peace when I’m not too tired and worn out.

I’ve never been before… I’ll be helping out and staying in a B&B with Becci, her husband Marcus and their son Bryn who together make up Riverknits. It’s going to be so much fun! I’m going to miss my boys but I whole weekend Friday to Sunday of knitting, knitting chat and stash acquisitions what a way to spend a weekend!

Shopping List so Far – 

Jumper quantities –

I have decided that I would like to knit my jumpers and cardigans from now on rather than buying them so I am looking for some DK and Fingering weight yarn to add to the stash in the right quantities to make a couple of items. Light Trails – 4 Skeins Fingering weight. Flax light for me -1600 yrds

Westonbirt Leaf Shawl –

I’m currently working on a shawl version of the falling leaves cowl that I will be publishing later this year… It’s going to need more DK yarn than the cowl and I would love it to be a really big hug of a shawl so probably somewhere in the region of 3-400g of yarn… That’s a lot of yarn! But it’s going to be so worth it!

Cricket Jumper for Bean –

My husband is a cricket fanatic… Every Saturday if he can get the time off work he’s playing, he just loves it and so I would like to find some super wash yarn in his cricket colours so that I can make baby a wee cable knit jumper or blanket to take with me to the cricket on the Saturdays I go to watch him play next year.

No Nylon Sock Yarn –

I really want to add to my BFL stash! I love a British BFL yarn they really are the best to make socks out of… They wear beautifully, keep your feet so toasty warm and don’t make your feet sweat at all! What’s not to love! Oooo and my brother has requested a pair for Christmas so that’s one preside down!

Baby –

There are a couple of things I would like to knit for bump, A blanket and some more cardigans or jumpers would be great… We’ve decided not to find out the gender so I’ll be looking for some superwash for a brioche blanket and something soft and squishy for some clothes too… Might even venture more into the DK – Aran territory! I’ve been a 4ply/fingering weight knitter pretty much exclusively for the last couple of years. Looking at using the Flax Light patterns for baby jumpers in 0-6 months.

Notions –

Ooh some more Chicago Mini sock knitting needles would be amazing, as well as keeping an eye out to see if anyones got any of the new Addi needles! I’ve decided that I much prefer my socks knitted in 2mm… they look nicer and are probably going to stand up to more abuse!

Excitement is mounting!…

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Azula for Fionnghuala

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have another FO! I’m on a roll this month… Well maybe not a roll, more of a gentle tumble down a grassy bank but we are getting through projects slowly!

This project was a bit of a cheat however as I cast it on and completed it in two days… So no further with my mountain of WIP’s but damn I’m chuffed with this one!


It’s from a recently released pattern collection by Woolly Wormhead and is available on her website and though Ravelry. The collection consist of 5 hats, each with an element as inspiration. The hats are constructed sideways, shaped with short rows and then grafted together… genius!

I couldn’t be happier with my hat… Woolly’s patterns are incredibly easy to follow, very intuitive and for a first time sideways hat knitter I’m really impressed with the outcome. I can’t recommend this collection enough. Knitted in DK weight yarn too they would be the perfect christmas knits for friends and family… That might be dangerous though as I really can’t see me gifting any of this beautiful collection.


“Graftin” – After spending a lot more of the summer than I care to admit sucked into ‘Love Island’ (I blame my husband… He started the car crash TV watching with last years!) Grafting to me means working hard to win someones affection… Woolly you’ve saved me from this terrible slang! Grafting is actually a pleasant experience and (as long as you have the right amount of stitches on each needles) is easy to complete, satisfying and finishes off a project neatly without drama… It in no way includes sordid love triangles and half naked 20 somethings with a whole summer burn… literally! I digress…

Everyone needs to knit one of these, they really are a  new and engaging way to create and shape hats… Just fantastic.

Happy Knitting!

With Love



P.S – In case you’re all wondering – Fionnghuala is my full name, it’s Irish and not as all as unpronounceable as it definitely looks – “Finoola”



Dog Friendly Wales?

Holidaying with a dog brings a whole new level of planning… It’s minimal the amount of extra bits that you need to bring with you however we’ve found dog friendly hotels and activities to be restrictive.

Where To Stay

We fell upon our chosen hotel by accident… Two years ago they were offering a last minuet deal and we stayed for a few nights over a long romantic weekend – before pregnancy and before dog (a lifetime ago now it would seem). For an extra £5 a night you can bring your pup, very reasonable. The rooms are ample for two adults and a dog without tripping over each other.

Clyne Wood



A free entry and well kept park with everything you need to walk a dog, Beautifully kept flower boarders and woodland, interesting bridges and plenty of poo bins (always welcome and a rare find in most parks and walks).


Autumn Is Returning To Wales

Slightly confusing to find without doing research as with the exception of one sign it took us a wrong turn or two to find parking down a side street next the top entrance.

Weobly Castle


Dog friendly and a fab little adventure for £4 per adult. The grounds are well kept, neat and tidy. Pup enjoyed himself as much as we did… In fact I think he might have thought it was his castle!


What do you mean I’m not the King of this Castle?

I love being able to explore the ruins of a castle without the rails and ropes 6ft from the battlements so you can’t have a proper look! This castle was wonderful, there was a small room with some “what it might have looked like” info. Other than a couple of signs asking you to be respectful and careful we were left to let our imaginations run wild… The only way to explore ruins!


Ooo What’s up Here? 

All in all a lovely day out, but not without it’s turn downs and no sorry no dogs here!

Research is definitely needed before heading out for a day out in Wales with a dog.

Onwards to the next adventure tomorrow!

Nu, Tom & Hutch xx

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Holidaying with Bump & Boggit


So we are 24 weeks pregnant today… I don’t know where the time has gone and how we are now over half way in what seems like the blink of an eye!

Last night was an early one, well early to the hotel room… I’ve been suffering with crippling indigestion and so sometimes only a bottle of Gaviscon and some feet up in front of the TV will cut it!

Today however we are planning a day for the Dog, he has boundless energy and loves to explore so we have decided that we are going to walk to the beech and then across the sands to Rhossili… It’s going to take a couple of hours each way especially as I have little to no energy at the moment but it’s important to stay fit in your pregnancy (or so I’m told). In reality it might end up with me shedding layers as I climb steps and having to wait a few hours to recover! Normally this recovery time would be spent in a pub with beers that would fuel the Dutch courage for the climb home… That’s not going to happen this time round (well not for me anyway!).

So as I type this and bump is happily kicking away and turning summersaults blissfully unaware of the exercise we are undertaking today while all tucked up in its watery cocoon… Am I regretting my decision to suggest this? Not yet but the day is young and I have a feeling that I will change my mind before lunch!


We walked…. and walked and walked! I’m amazed we made it quite as far as we did A total of 12.6km walked and the equivalent of 60 floors climbed… with was quite a personal achievement. I’m not going to move very far tonight though…. Not going to lie quite sore!

Running Through Sand Dunes

Hutch loved it!… He ran for pretty much the entire time he was off the lead… I wish I had his energy!

We stopped for lunch in the local Rhossili pub which I’m afraid to say I really would not recommend, especially not with a dog. In fact most of Rhossili seem to be adverse to dogs. The pub only allowed dogs out side with would have been fine had it not been so incredibly windy… We did ask if, on this one occasion and seeing as there were no other dogs in the pub or on the terrace if we could sit inside but the rules were not to be bent or broken. I do wish we hadn’t have bothered… The food was expensive for what it is and terrible! I’ve never had chips quite as bad as that.

We have in the past tried the Bay Cafe too (just round the corner) very lovely cafe but once again, no dogs inside… So if you find yourself in Rhossili with a pup in the rain…. Best get a takeaway and eat in the car (this is what we had to do on our first evening visit).

Rhossili Beach

For a top tourist destination I was really surprised to find we weren’t welcome anywhere with the pup but that said I was very relieved to find that the beach wasn’t closed to dogs. One of my favourite beaches and Hutch just loves it too!

Until our next adventure,


Nu & Hutch x