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Upside Down Monkeys

I have wanted to knit myself a pair of the Cookie A ‘Monkey Socks’ for quite some time. I think I must be the only sock knitter without a pair and the simple yarn over increases and single stitch decreases create an easy to memorise pattern that is an addicitve knit.

So in true ‘change everything but keep the identity’ style I cast on a pair of toe up monkeys. The pattern on Knitty calls for 2.5mm needles. I thought that was going to be a liitle loose for a 64 stitch pattern as I knit all of my socks on 2.25mm needles at 64 stitches… So I ignored that part of the pattern and used 2.25mm needles it’s worked perfectly, very pleased I went down a size.

For the heel I used Nathan Taylors toe up sock heel with a gusset (my first time knitting one of these in a long time!) a bit of maths and some tounge poking out the side of my mouth concentrating later I bloody well managed it! Pat on the back to me at 3 am in the morning while feeding Eve.

I’ve made the socks cropped with added shortrows at the back to create a lip so they dont roll into my trainiers and bunch up under my feet… In theory and it adds a little attractive extra detail when I’m wearing them that I really like

These are my perfect springtime sport sock… I love wearing Converse trainers and these I’ve designed to fit perfectly about half an inch above ther top line of my shoes.


Yarn – Stranded Dyeworks Plateau sockblank in the Koi Colourway

Needles – Hiya Hiya sharp 2.25mm & 2mm Chiagoo mini interchangables for the top

Stitch Markers – Friperies & Bibelots snag free mini O’rings.

Leather Knitting Bag – Handmade by me

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FO Happy Feet Friday!

So last week I introduced some of the mountain of sock I have on my needles.

Today I am pleased to announce I’ve made headway into clearing the backlog!

We have an FO!! (Finished Object)

I’ve finished my Squirrel Socks! My first pair of finished socks in months and I couldn’t be happier with them! I’m even considering knitting a lot more socks of 2mm needles, I really like the density and finish of the final fabric. I’ve been a 2.25mm girl for a long time but these might have converted me just a little!

For those of you in the dark, I’ve named these squirrel socks (not because I have attached a large fluffy tail to the heel) because of the yarn name… Earlier in the year one of my favourite dyers Riverknits the amazing floating dye studio, released a colour way passed on the Giant Indian Red Squirrel… It has fast become one of my favourite colour ways. I also used new needles too… Addi Sock wonder needles. They are the best mini needles I’ve found, especially for use with my slightly larger hands. Great needles these socks flew by! I’ll definitely be using them again soon.

These are going to be an autumnal pregnancy staple with leather boots I can feel it already!

Thank you for sharing in my FO happiness, I’ll write again soon and hopefully have more to share!

Nu xx

P.S. I used a really simple basic pattern for these socks they weren’t hard to make at all, for more information you can find stitch counts on my Ravelry project page

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WIP Island… Socks

I am working on a fair few projects at the moment… Each one has a story to it and they’re all steadily progressing but I think it’s time to impose some deadlines on myself so I actually start clearing the backlog. Not because I mind having things languishing on my needles but because most of them are projects that I really want to wear. As Autumn is now upon us in the UK (In the middle of August!) It really is a good excuse to wrap up warm in some fabulous knitwear. So in the spirit of sorting the WIP’s out I thought it would start with my collection of unfinished socks.

Squirrel Socks 

Yes you read right…. Squirrel Socks! Dyed by the fabulous RiverKnits UK this colour way is just me! It’s her Indian Red Squirrel on BFL sock and wow…. I didn’t know it was possible to fit that many gorgeous tones and colours into one skein of yarn! I’m hoping that i’ll have a little left over too so I can knit bump a wee pair of socks as well. I also purchased these fabulous needles from Becci’s onling shop too and they have completely changed my opinion about mini needles and Addi! So for all these positive and wonderful reasons I just can’t wait for these to warm my toes… They’re not far off being finished.

Poor things… Half finished socks still on the needles always look so misshapen and sad don’t they! (Best get them finished quick!)

Ziggy Zip Zeberdy

So I need to own up… I think I currently have 5 pairs of socks on my needles (different needles of course). With plans for many more socks to be knit I need to start clearing the backlog. I am planning on spending the latter half of my pregnancy in comfy boots and hand knit socks to keep me warm and so I had really best start finishing them!

These were paused for a few months as I completely fell out of love with them I’m ashamed to say. The yarn I’m using to knit with is a bit of a disappointment and as a result I’ve had to contact the dyer (Still awaiting a response). I’ve worked with their yarn in the past and so this was a real surprise for me to find that it was unevenly dyed and covered in bare patches. Every other yarn I bought from them I’ve loved and so I’m really hoping that this issue can be resolved amicably… Until I hear back though these socks are in a bit of a limbo.

Loughrea Socks

If you aren’t already a member of the Everyday Knitter Facebook group I highly recommend it! Fun, friendly & enabling, the group is populated by knitters from all over the world and run by Louise Tilbrook the sock queen! Once a month challenges are set within the group to knit something using different techniques… August is Cables and so I picked these socks & purchased the pattern. I got off to a bit of a false start but I can honestly say that I really had forgotten how much I love knitting cables from a chart! these socks are knitting themselves!

Hand Dyed and Happy

I’m using my very first hand dyed yarn for these puppies… Blue and ecru colours with speckles of coral and coral heels and toes… They’re only going to be shorties as I died tiny amounts but they’ll be super toasty none the less.


These were supposed to be the first entry in my Box’O’Sox Kal submission…. They’ve just not happened that way and they’re still on the needles… Every now and again I grab them as I’m running out the door and put a coupe of round on them in the car whilst waiting for an appointment or for the rain to stop! I will get round to finishing them as they’re Wollmeise yarn and it’s some of my favourite for softness… Until then these ancient 2AAT grannies can wait for just a little longer!


If you are interested in any of the yarns used or would like more detailed notes and information on these projects you will find that the title of each is linked to my Ravelry page.


Thank you for reading, I hope to have some of these finished by the next time I write!

Nu xx