Experimenting With a Handmade Home

Recently I’ve even thinking more and more about reducing the amount of plastic waste in our home and trying to live a little more handmade. This year I signed up for Kat Golding’s Handmade Christmas and I loved it! I was completely unprepared for Christmas and so I’ve not managed to make half the things that I wanted too but I’m experimenting with hand balms at the moment and so I’ve revisited her online course.

Further inspired by the latest issue of PomPom and my incredibly dry hands I currently have a concoction of organic hibiscus flowers, camomile lime flower and lavender teabags marinading in oil on the stove… I mean of all the random concoctions my very patient husband has come home too this is one of the stranger ones.

I’ve also put aside two mason jars on the bathroom windowsill, one with marigold (calendula) flowers in and the other with another collection of hibiscus and camomile… I want to see which infusion method yields the best results.

Everything was very easy to get hold of and I’ve recently discovered that The Body Shop sell shea butter so you can get most things from local high street shops if you’d like too. For ease with a tiny tot I purchased from the Soapery online, they offer organic options and this sat well with me. These are the silicone moulds I used to shape the balm, they’re availible on amazon and you can find so many more options there too (Large Flower & Honeycomb).

Changes & Adaptations

I made one change to the PomPom recipe well two actually. I didn’t have any plain camomile so I used 5 camomile, limeflower and lavender teabags. I also added more oil than recommended to infuse my hibiscus and teabags… because I added more of the hibiscus and teabags… I’m glad I did and I only managed to yield 5g under the requirement even with the extra oil (it might have been my impatience when straining).

I yielded 17 small ones and 2 large from the recipe I used.

Next I’m going to try these recipes and see how they turn out too.

Handbag Salve – Kay Golding (but I need to get better at foraging and learn my plants)

Calendula & Lavender Balm – I’m steeping some calendula at the moment in the bathroom window and I think if I add some local lavender to it it’ll work beautifully.

Rich Honey Hand Balm – I’m going to attempt to make these using manuka honey

Chai Spice Lotion Bar – I’m going to try and infuse chai spices with the recipe I used first and see if I can create something yummy! Might halve the mix for the first attempt to see if it works.

Next time – I really want to make some chai spice as it’s one of my favourite smells at the moment. I also have some favourite smells I like to put in a diffuser at night… think I might try one of those too.

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