Self Care

Since the launch of my new range of leather and canvas knitting bags things have been pretty crazy here. The new workshop is set up and ready to go, everything is poised and ready, and so am I… Or am I?

Today has been a special breed of crazy and I’ve found myself at 2pm having eaten nothing but a couple of ginger biscuits and a couple of cups of Luke warm tea.

I’m the worse one for ploughing on through and burning myself out but this time I’m determined not to do this… I need to look after myself if I’m going to continue to be okay and get everything out on time. So today I have given myself the space, time and permission for a hot baby free coffee, a burger and an hour to sit and write this post and eat my food. Everything will still get done but it’ll be done better as I won’t be anxious, hangry and frazzled. The world has not come to a halt without me frantically running from place to place and exhausting myself completely.

At the moment I’m working on some very exciting wholesale orders and they need to be completed to the best of my ability so it’s really important that sometimes I look after me first. It’s a new and uncomfortable lesson for me to learn but one that I bloody well will get right!

I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday afternoons and you get a chance to do a little something for yourself this weekend.

Happy Friday Everyone

Nu x

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