Knitting, WIP Wednesday

Knitting From Stash

So over the last few years that I’ve been back to knitting again (a knitter with a capital K I believe they call it) I have curated a very lovely stash… I’m incredibly proud of my stash especially as I know have a number of jumper quantities in it and up until last year I didn’t consider myself a garment knitter in the slightest. I now however have the slight issue of space so it is time to challenge myself to knit from my stash (Which I don’t think will be too difficult). Its not just space though, all of these beautiful skeins are just wanting to be knit and who can blame them! I want to adorn myself in them all and so unless I want to just wear the skeins and get caught on everything I walk past… I’d best start knitting!

First up – Mon Manet & The Easy One –

The yarn for Mon Manet I purchased from A Yarn Story a couple of months ago with the full intention of casting on that afternoon and of course it’s languished and I haven’t yet started. I have the pattern on the ipad ready to go as are my needles but honestly the thing tht puts me off about jumper knitting is swatching… I know that its a necessary evil but for some reason I can never get them right even when I do do them… I might just wing it but I’m not sure the pattern is fogiving enough for that…

Joji’s ‘The Easy One’ is a relitively new edition to my pattern collection, I’m planning on knitting it out of brooklyn tweed I bought a year or so ago and never got round to knitting the yoga shawl it was intended for (I cast on and everything and then pregnancy took over and I found followign simple charts too much at the time). I have a couple of detail modifiactions that I would like to add to this jumper to make it a slightly different knit.

Can I get these two cast on and make good headway into them by the end of July?

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