The Very Best of Amature Hour Episode 1

So here you have it folks! My first ever full length podcast… complete with reflections in my glasses, non focusing projects and a dog that really wanted in on the action too! The irony being that as soon as I turn the cameras off and settle down to edit Eve and Hutch are as good as gold little monkeys they couldn’t behave when I was filing.  I’ve included some out takes at the end of the filming too. mind you this has taken me a good two days to write and upload the podcast… everything is a learning curve, Eve’s been fractious this morning and so this podcast is brought to you by a frantic rocking motion whilst singing the baby shark song….! Happy easter folks.

So things that I mention and the places I bought them… found them… general information and rambling.

Riverknits Yarn –  – Bobble Marley hat pattern – Ravelry

Baby Long Legs Yarn & Fibre –

The Little Grey Sheep –

Stranded Dyeworks – Amy Florence –

Rachel Coopey – Birstwith Hat Pattern

Coop knit Sock Yeah yarn & print vesion of Toasty 2 –

I purchased my Fringe Field bag from YAK in Brighton

The Olann sock yarn is from The loveliest Yarn company in Nottingham

My Lykke short 3.5″ needles are from A Yarn Story in Bath

Project page for my short socks including pattern notes and the patterns used in my Ravelry projects page.

Pattern for brioche mini shawls available through Ravelry here as well as some great examples on how people have adapted the patterns to make full size shawls.

Thankyou for watching the podcast… production quality will improve… I promise I will also stop playing with my hair and saying Ummm & ‘Right’ so much in the next one… A definite learning process.

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