Coop Knits and The Little Grey Sheep

For quite some time I’ve been inspired by the colour work that other people are able to produce and I’ve wanted to be able to create similar stunning pieces but I haven’t been able to get my tension right, it’s been lumpy and has as a result left me feeling really flat about the whole affair.

After meeting Rachel Coopey at Unravel earlier this year and falling in love with her hat pattern Birstwith I purchased some mini’s from ‘The Little Grey Sheep’ and decided to give it a go again! Making an adjustment to the way that I hold my yarn in my left hand has made a world of difference… Arne and Carlos have a number of tutorials on their website and I combined their technique with my own and came up with an effective way of knitting with two colours rat really seems to have worked.

After having Eve, everything has taken a bit of a back seat, my knitting included. This has given me the much needed confidence kick that I needed to get back on track. Just in time for spring!

I cant recommend this yarn enough, it’s perfect for colour work and it’s so beautiful to work with. They have a wonderful selection of colours and it’s the perfect combination of soft and lofty with the grippy quality that’s perfect for colourwork. Love it.

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