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Yarndale… Pre-Show Wish List

1 Week To Go

To say that I’m excited is an understatement… I’m starting to plan and put together a list of projects that I would like to buy yarn for as well as notions that I need/want! Next year is going to be full on new baby and I’m really looking forward to it but I would love to have some yarn and projects lined up so that I can treat myself in those fleeting moments of peace when I’m not too tired and worn out.

I’ve never been before… I’ll be helping out and staying in a B&B with Becci, her husband Marcus and their son Bryn who together make up Riverknits. It’s going to be so much fun! I’m going to miss my boys but I whole weekend Friday to Sunday of knitting, knitting chat and stash acquisitions what a way to spend a weekend!

Shopping List so Far – 

Jumper quantities –

I have decided that I would like to knit my jumpers and cardigans from now on rather than buying them so I am looking for some DK and Fingering weight yarn to add to the stash in the right quantities to make a couple of items. Light Trails – 4 Skeins Fingering weight. Flax light for me -1600 yrds

Westonbirt Leaf Shawl –

I’m currently working on a shawl version of the falling leaves cowl that I will be publishing later this year… It’s going to need more DK yarn than the cowl and I would love it to be a really big hug of a shawl so probably somewhere in the region of 3-400g of yarn… That’s a lot of yarn! But it’s going to be so worth it!

Cricket Jumper for Bean –

My husband is a cricket fanatic… Every Saturday if he can get the time off work he’s playing, he just loves it and so I would like to find some super wash yarn in his cricket colours so that I can make baby a wee cable knit jumper or blanket to take with me to the cricket on the Saturdays I go to watch him play next year.

No Nylon Sock Yarn –

I really want to add to my BFL stash! I love a British BFL yarn they really are the best to make socks out of… They wear beautifully, keep your feet so toasty warm and don’t make your feet sweat at all! What’s not to love! Oooo and my brother has requested a pair for Christmas so that’s one preside down!

Baby –

There are a couple of things I would like to knit for bump, A blanket and some more cardigans or jumpers would be great… We’ve decided not to find out the gender so I’ll be looking for some superwash for a brioche blanket and something soft and squishy for some clothes too… Might even venture more into the DK – Aran territory! I’ve been a 4ply/fingering weight knitter pretty much exclusively for the last couple of years. Looking at using the Flax Light patterns for baby jumpers in 0-6 months.

Notions –

Ooh some more Chicago Mini sock knitting needles would be amazing, as well as keeping an eye out to see if anyones got any of the new Addi needles! I’ve decided that I much prefer my socks knitted in 2mm… they look nicer and are probably going to stand up to more abuse!

Excitement is mounting!…

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