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Pattern Development – Inspiration and Where We Find It

When it comes to pattern designing there are so many ways inspiration can come to us… I love Instagram for this, Especially when it comes to watching designers like Caitlin Hunter @boylandknitworks, her jumper designs are wonderful and watching her progress through various photographs is magic.

I would love to say that I have a really deep and meaningful process behind my designs but mostly they all stem from something that I would like to knit… It starts with a basic idea and then grows from there, mostly thought various cast on attempts and unless it’s something specific it rarely involves switching first…. ops!

My green leaf cowl is no different – It started as a free form pattern shortly after I had learnt to knit in the round. I came up with a pattern that I loved knitting but for some reason I didn’t write things down in full… I remember it being a really fun knit and in need of some refinement but I always intended to get it written and published. Each time I knit it I made up different variations!

Fast forward 5 years and I am exploring this pattern again. I just couldn’t get my head round this one… I really couldn’t. I wrote it up again and again trying to make the pattern fit… Trying to get it to stick…. The leaf sizes wouldn’t fit and the charts were all wrong.

I bought some very beautiful yarn from The Kettle Yarn Co and I couldn’t be more impressed with the yarn or their customer service, but I digress. 200g of beautiful yarn and an idea… I was hoping to have some time to knit and put this together on a holiday with my in laws but I didn’t manage to find the quiet time.

It came to the point where I was going to either have to stick with it and give it one last try or give up… I was not about to give up! So a very large grid later and a random collection of stitches and a lot of cutting and pasting things finally started to come together. The final process ended up being both more complicated and much simpler than I thought it would be… The pattern was easily refined after a couple of swatches but I ended up adding a more advanced stitches than intended. Overall though I’ve kept it as true as I can to the original design (which I still have and wear regularly) but with a couple of additional refining touches.

I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern as much as I do and get many happy years from it. This pattern will launch soon and I will call for testers even sooner than that! There will be an announcement on the blog and Instagram when I need testers.

Thank you for reading can’t wait to share the pattern with you all soon.

Love Nu


P.S – If you would like to be notified of the cowls release then please pop an email over to me in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and I’ll add you to the release list. There may even be a wee money off code!

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