Dog Friendly Wales?

Holidaying with a dog brings a whole new level of planning… It’s minimal the amount of extra bits that you need to bring with you however we’ve found dog friendly hotels and activities to be restrictive.

Where To Stay

We fell upon our chosen hotel by accident… Two years ago they were offering a last minuet deal and we stayed for a few nights over a long romantic weekend – before pregnancy and before dog (a lifetime ago now it would seem). For an extra £5 a night you can bring your pup, very reasonable. The rooms are ample for two adults and a dog without tripping over each other.

Clyne Wood



A free entry and well kept park with everything you need to walk a dog, Beautifully kept flower boarders and woodland, interesting bridges and plenty of poo bins (always welcome and a rare find in most parks and walks).


Autumn Is Returning To Wales

Slightly confusing to find without doing research as with the exception of one sign it took us a wrong turn or two to find parking down a side street next the top entrance.

Weobly Castle


Dog friendly and a fab little adventure for £4 per adult. The grounds are well kept, neat and tidy. Pup enjoyed himself as much as we did… In fact I think he might have thought it was his castle!


What do you mean I’m not the King of this Castle?

I love being able to explore the ruins of a castle without the rails and ropes 6ft from the battlements so you can’t have a proper look! This castle was wonderful, there was a small room with some “what it might have looked like” info. Other than a couple of signs asking you to be respectful and careful we were left to let our imaginations run wild… The only way to explore ruins!


Ooo What’s up Here? 

All in all a lovely day out, but not without it’s turn downs and no sorry no dogs here!

Research is definitely needed before heading out for a day out in Wales with a dog.

Onwards to the next adventure tomorrow!

Nu, Tom & Hutch xx

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