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Holidaying with Bump & Boggit


So we are 24 weeks pregnant today… I don’t know where the time has gone and how we are now over half way in what seems like the blink of an eye!

Last night was an early one, well early to the hotel room… I’ve been suffering with crippling indigestion and so sometimes only a bottle of Gaviscon and some feet up in front of the TV will cut it!

Today however we are planning a day for the Dog, he has boundless energy and loves to explore so we have decided that we are going to walk to the beech and then across the sands to Rhossili… It’s going to take a couple of hours each way especially as I have little to no energy at the moment but it’s important to stay fit in your pregnancy (or so I’m told). In reality it might end up with me shedding layers as I climb steps and having to wait a few hours to recover! Normally this recovery time would be spent in a pub with beers that would fuel the Dutch courage for the climb home… That’s not going to happen this time round (well not for me anyway!).

So as I type this and bump is happily kicking away and turning summersaults blissfully unaware of the exercise we are undertaking today while all tucked up in its watery cocoon… Am I regretting my decision to suggest this? Not yet but the day is young and I have a feeling that I will change my mind before lunch!


We walked…. and walked and walked! I’m amazed we made it quite as far as we did A total of 12.6km walked and the equivalent of 60 floors climbed… with was quite a personal achievement. I’m not going to move very far tonight though…. Not going to lie quite sore!

Running Through Sand Dunes

Hutch loved it!… He ran for pretty much the entire time he was off the lead… I wish I had his energy!

We stopped for lunch in the local Rhossili pub which I’m afraid to say I really would not recommend, especially not with a dog. In fact most of Rhossili seem to be adverse to dogs. The pub only allowed dogs out side with would have been fine had it not been so incredibly windy… We did ask if, on this one occasion and seeing as there were no other dogs in the pub or on the terrace if we could sit inside but the rules were not to be bent or broken. I do wish we hadn’t have bothered… The food was expensive for what it is and terrible! I’ve never had chips quite as bad as that.

We have in the past tried the Bay Cafe too (just round the corner) very lovely cafe but once again, no dogs inside… So if you find yourself in Rhossili with a pup in the rain…. Best get a takeaway and eat in the car (this is what we had to do on our first evening visit).

Rhossili Beach

For a top tourist destination I was really surprised to find we weren’t welcome anywhere with the pup but that said I was very relieved to find that the beach wasn’t closed to dogs. One of my favourite beaches and Hutch just loves it too!

Until our next adventure,


Nu & Hutch x



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