Silly in Rhossili

We are on holiday at last! Finally we managed to carve out a few days for ourselves as a family before the arrival of bump. We’re staying in a charming hotel that Tom and I stayed in 2 years ago (a week before we picked up the dog). Hard to believe that Hutch is now two and we are here visiting again with him… coincidentally they’ve also given us the same room.

First order of business after checking in was food! It’s was only a 2 hour drive but being pregnant I need to eat regularly, we all needed to stretch our legs too so we headed for Rhossili, grabbed a take away from the Bay Cafe and headed out along the headland for windy walk.

To say that Hutch enjoyed himself would be an understatement, I don’t think all four paws touched the ground for the whole time we were walking… Wet, windy and incredibly good sniffs to be had he was over excited to the max! I am still in awe of quite how well behaved he is when it matters. The cliff edges on the right as you’re walking along the trail come up on you abruptly and each time he came back when we called. Can’t wait to take him down to the beach tomorrow and give him a good run through the sand and waves.

A storm is heading for us tonight which I’m quietly looking forward too… I love watching the stormy sea and listening to the wind & rain buffeting the windows when I’m safely tucked up in the warm.

Tomorrow is another day and we’re planning a gentle walk with doggit and bump to the beach. Can’t wait! I love spending time with my boys.

Have a lovely evening!

Nu x

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